Versace : supporting the iconic Italian luxury brand

Versace: supporting the iconic Italian luxury brand


Founded in 1978, Versace is an international fashion brand, widely renowned for being a glamorous symbol of Italian luxury. Over the past year, the brand has regularly joined forces with our team, to bring to life its distinctive identity in-store. Here, we review some of our best projects.

Firstly, in 2018, Versace entrusted us to produce, deliver and install a window concept for the launch of their new ‘Chain Reaction’ sneakers at their Westfield London boutique.

The idea was to continue the window storytelling through to the interior of the store for maximum exposure for the launch. We printed a series of removable wallpaper and floor graphics, featuring bold prints and mansion inspired classic patterns to produce a visually striking display.

The interior chain graphics intertwined with the product, effectively bringing the collection together resulting in an impactful display. Following the success of the execution of this campaign at Westfield, Versace then asked us to produce a similar small pop up display in Selfridges London for the men’s shoe hall.

Off the back of that successful campaign, we were again engaged by Versace's design team to produce and install a new men’s pop up shop in Selfridges London to promote their new collection and message, ‘’it’s Versace, not Versachee’’

This stylish men’s range filled with emotion and creativity, was conceived to fit different kinds of men: the street-style star, the fashion man or the boardroom executive. To help the Italian fashion company bring these ideas to life, we produced and installed elements that were both striking and vivid amongst the neutral palette of the Selfridges men’s floor.

We produced a custom printed carpet, which replicated a Versace newspaper headline, serving as a perfect base to ensure the brand stood out across the floor. Cotton fabric filled cushions with the same newspaper print filled a white cage that included an illuminated box tray branded sign mounted at the top.

Additionally, for the table tops, we wrapped di-bond panels with newspaper printed vinyl to finish off this creative retail environment for Selfridges. This project was then recognised as one of the best store-in-store or concession at the 2019 Creative Retail Awards.

Versace Pop-Up Display In Selfridges

Following that, we supported the launch of Versace’s SS19 Women’s Collection at Selfridges – a collection full of vibrant prints, rooted in the heritage of the company. We created a bold and colourful pop-up, fusing contemporary substrates with retro archive prints, as we immersed customers into the character and identity of the Italian luxury fashion brand.

Most recently, we produced and installed a pop-up within Selfridges Designer Studio, putting the spotlight on Versace Jeans Couture. The display was made of clothes hanging rails, a bespoke display table, the LED “Versace Jeans Couture” logo signage, and most notably, 12 digital screens - for which we managed both technology and content – placed to catch the attention of passers-by and engage customers.