FAO Schwarz activation in Selfridges strikes a magic chord

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, FAO Schwarz launched in Selfridges. To truly showcase and celebrate the iconic brand – well known for its walk-on piano keyboard that featured in the 1988 movie Big, starring Tom Hanks - CSM Retail were tasked with recreating this grand piano in London. 
The team were in charge of developing, engineering, and fitting this elegant interactive piano  display that both complemented and enhanced the one seen in the film. The activation aim was to create a nostalgic, magical experience that brings the joy of childhood play on a grand scale, encouraging adults to remember their inner child, reflecting the message of Big.       The team oversaw the entire process of this now permanent installation, clarifying the brief with the client, working out the design parameters and timescales, as well as coordinating with our manufacturing, engineering & technical team to ensure the installation could be achieved not only aesthetically but from a safety perspective. Construction materials and colours were crucial to the project as stability, weight and brand cohesion needed to be aligned and fit for purpose. Due to the immense effort of the entire team, the build went smoothly and a constant dialogue with the client ensured a successful completion that will bring joy to thousands of Selfridge’s visitors.    Elvin O’duro, Associate Director, CSM Retail: “It’s  been a pleasure delivering this project for Selfridges London. I am so proud of my CSM Retail team for developing, engineering, and fitting an elegant interactive piano display which will create thousands of happy memories for its visitors!“    Anne-Marie Weekes, CSM Retail Project manager, said of the activation: “This was a project that needed full attention. It simply had to get done with due diligence and effort by pulling all teams involved tightly together and ensuring the dialogue was in constant flow. This allowed for decisions to be made quickly and keep the project moving. With head down throughout the duration, the day of completion was a magical moment of standing back and recognising the beauty and quality of the work and the joy it will bring to many, many people.”