Bring your Summer window display to life with these creative ideas

Creative Ideas Summer Window Displays

We all love summer and the promise it brings. It is important to reflect the season in your window displays and summer gives the ideal opportunity to build excitement about your store.

Whatever the conditions outside, you can bring summer and traffic into your store with a creative display that captures the mood and feel of the season. The warmer temperatures and longer days inspire a feeling of optimism and opportunity and your window displays can use this to increase footfall.

Cheerful, positive and bright messages will tie in with the feelings of passers-by, lift their spirits and encourage them to enter your store. Aim to build displays that are both unique and creative and consider how you can display your product to its best advantage.

Use creative ideas for your window display that really resonate with your target audience and draw people into your store. Regular changes to your display are important to keep things fresh, so you ideally want to have a few options and update at least once a month. Above all, your window display needs to stand out.

Lighting is important to your window display too. In addition to standard overhead lighting you may want to consider highlighting certain products with spotlights or using coloured or angled lights. Keep lights on overnight to draw attention and interest outside daylight hours.

Summer Window Displays

We have 5 creative summer retail window display ideas to get you started:

Idea 1. Nautical/Beach 

Most of us have enjoyed time at the beach. Taking a paddle, watching the boats, building a sandcastle and exploring rock pools. Appeal to the nostalgia in everyone by creating a display focussed on a day at the beach. Creative oversized props could range from buckets and spades in bright primary colours, the bold blue and red stripes of a deckchair to boating items such as anchors and buoys or starfish and fishing nets.

 Idea 2. Swimming Pool

 Here we are thinking sunny days at the local Lido with friends. Bright towels and swimsuits and vibrant bunting fluttering on the breeze. Other props could include beach balls and other colourful inflatables, perhaps even a picnic basket.

Idea 3. Ice Cream/Summer treats

Certain foods just say summer. Top of the list is Ice cream which just happens to be available in a marvellous range of colours giving you all kind of options. You could also consider a theme around summer fruits – perhaps strawberries or lemons.

Not forgetting classic summer drinks. Could you design your window, or find inspiration, in a Jug of Pimms or Sangria, or perhaps a tropical cocktail complete with cherry and paper umbrella?

Idea 4. Alfresco Dining/Parties

Eating and entertaining outside is one of the best bits of summer. For a more formal feel go for dining furniture dressed with summer tableware and glasses. Or you could aim for a more relaxed setting, perhaps outdoor rugs, cushions and throws. Fairy lights, hurricane lamps and candles can also be used to create a more intimate feel.

Idea 5. Garden/Flowers

We all enjoy our gardens more during the summer time and flowers, grass, trees and planters/containers can all be used to great effect to provide an outdoorsy backdrop.

Don’t forget our wildlife – butterflies and colourful birds suggest summer loud and clear.

Whichever option you go for stay true to your brand and consider the characteristics of your store and the things that you sell. Offer a promise of all the best that Summer has to offer with an eye-catching shop window display that passers-by simply can’t ignore.

Take care not to get carried away and find yourself with a store window design that is over full and potentially overwhelming. Your window needs to capture attention but not be over complicated. Each product you feature should have room to shine.

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5 Top Tips for Amazing Shop Window Displays for Father’s Day

Bricks and mortar retailing has faced many challenges in recent years. As a retailer, one of your most powerful marketing tools is your window display. Underestimate its importance at your peril! A little planning, creativity and imagination can go a long way.

It is vital to keep your window display fresh and engaging to ensure that it reflects the time of year. We are lucky enough to have an annual calendar of occasions that give us the perfect excuse to do this and Father’s Day is coming up next.

Although rumour has it that people spend less on their Dads than they do on their Mums, spend on Father’s Day in the UK last year was estimated at £799m. So, it is well worth putting in some effort to boost your share of that spend!

Here are some of our thoughts on how to put your window display to work for you.

1. Keep Shoppers engaged

Ring the changes with your window design ideas. Don’t allow your display to become stale in the eyes of passers-by. Once it becomes familiar it is time for a change. Reflect the time of year to help with perceived relevance and take the opportunity to display different items of your stock. You can encourage both active shoppers in search of a particular item and impulse shoppers in through the door by keeping things fresh. One of the key benefits of retail shopping over online is the social interaction – your aim is to make passers-by feel you are inviting them in.

2. Capture Their Attention

It is widely acknowledged that we all have an extremely short attention span. The likelihood is that your potential customers will be distracted by either a human or electronic companion as they pass your store, so you need to make every effort to grab their attention. Your window display needs to be both unique and compelling; an eye-catching snapshot of what is inside. It is also worth considering that your potential customers will be unlikely to approach your display directly from the front. You need to approach your window from a range of different direction and angles to check the view and adjust if necessary.


3. Keep It Simple

Innovate but don’t overcomplicate. It can be easy to get carried away and create a display that is overly complicated. Too much going on in a limited space can overwhelm and confuse shoppers. Having a clear plan before you start will ensure that you don’t just keep adding and end up with a cluttered and chaotic display. It is also important to make sure that any props that you use remain in the background. You want to give a clear message about what your shop sells.

In the case of Father’s Day, depending on your brand and products, you might need to give some thought to which ‘type’ of Dad you are targeting. For example, are your products aimed at a sporty/outdoor market, or more musical/gadget focussed chaps. Masculine colours, props or backdrops will help set the scene but make sure the products you sell remain the star of the show.

4. Tell A Story

Having a theme, in this case Father’s Day, is a gift. It enables you to get creative and tell a story with both sensory and emotional appeal that reach out to your intended customers. Storytelling is widely used in other areas of marketing and is highly relevant in retail window displays. Don’t be overwhelmed and think it needs to be very complex, sometimes the simplest stories are the best. Aim to make people curious about what you offer and want to come inside to explore.

5. Stay True To Your Brand

No one knows your brand and its message better than you. Whatever story you tell and however original your approach it is vital to stay true to your brand. Take time to step back and consider whether your amazing shop window displays genuinely reflect your brand’s personality.

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